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Annual Reflection on 2015 Accomplishments

Animal Inside Out to Bugs: Outside the Box...

Jordan Mallon © Canadian Museum of Nature


A palaeontological fieldwork highlight in 2015: Finding a rich accumulation of Centrosaurus skeletons!


A year of Arctic Exploration, Species Discovery, Nature Inspiration, collections digitization, specimen acquisition, public engagement and global dialogue.  A year filled with activity that advanced the mission and mandate of Canada's national museum of natural sciences and natural history.

X-rays of Arctic fish: a natureART exhibit with back-lit photographs of X-rays of our Arctic fish collection.

Arctic Natural History Museums meet in Washington: a gathering of museum leaders seeking new ways to collaborate on Arctic research and global dialogue about the current and future challenges we face.

Science by Night: an engaging public event featuring our scientists and curators at our public museum site. Over 1,700 people participated in one evening!

NatureSCOOP: an entertaining and informative video experience for media, members, government and the general public.

NatureNocturne: continues to rock the castle. Each year we host new themes with new partners from the National Capital Region. From gallery programming to DJs and special beverages, there is something for everyone from 8 p.m. to midnight.  This year we hosted a special pre-Canada Day Nocturne!

Animal Inside Out: over 45% of our visitors chose to see this spectacular exhibit from BodyWorlds. Visitor satisfaction and recommendation exceeded our target of 90%!    A great visitor experience supported by compelling  marketing!

School Programs: amid all the disruptions to the school year, our school programs team exceeded targets for attendance, revenue and satisfaction!  Bookings for the 15/16 fiscal year are already ahead of plan.

Field Season: another productive field season by our research and collections team.  From Arctic botany to Cambodian minerals, it was a productive and inspiring season of exploration and discovery.

Collections Acquisition and Care: you can never have too many insects as long as they are deceased or contained!  We received a great gift of insects to our collections.  Our conservation  team kept the "pest" variety at bay!

Nature Inspiration Awards: an inspiring second annual event featuring truly amazing  individuals and organizations dedicated to creative and innovative nature inspiration and engagement.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs...Outside the Box:  as well as inside our exhibit hall!  Over 50% of our visitors are choosing to see this beautiful and buggy exhibit.  Even the cricket vending machine has been busy!

Landscapes of Canada Gardens: the Boreal forest, Prairie Grasslands and the Canadian Tundra are planted and waiting to be unveiled next year. A sight to behold.

Lishman Iceberg: yes, there is an iceberg in downtown Ottawa installed in the tundra section of the Landscapes  of Canada Gardens.  A magnificent sculpture created by William Lishman (Father Goose).

Data Management:  work began on a replacement  data management  system for our admissions and our collections data.  Very complex and important for the future of the Museum.

Group Sales: our reach into the tourist market has really taken hold, as demonstrated by tremendous growth in both number and revenues for this program.

Sustainable Museum Enterprise 5 and 1: a path to a sustainable future with a plan to grow earned revenues each year by 5% and grow expenses by only 1%.  Our finance team keeps us on track and supports the institutional effort to grow revenues and contain costs.

170 Field Days: spent in the field across Canada and around the world advancing our role as a creator of knowledge about the natural world.

90 Publications: sharing knowledge of the plants, animals, fossils and minerals of the natural world to inspire understanding and respect for nature.

20,000 new specimens:  specifically, two gifts from private collections adding to our insect collection.

4 million touchpoints onsite, offsite, online:  the increasing reach of our visitor, knowledge, social and civic destination experiences.

100 million digital downloads of our collections data:  the reach and impact of our collections-based knowledge is growing each year.

900 media mentions:  the museum was in the news and generating buzz locally, nationally and internationally.

25 full-page colour ads: we were thrilled to see 25 full-page colour ads in the Globe and Mail promoting our exhibits, our national reach, the nature inspiration awards and our research centres of excellence.

5,100 memberships, 20,400 members: our visitors recognize the value of membership and the joy of being an active part of the life and future of this great museum.

$6.1 million committed to the life and future of the Canadian Museum of Nature:  cash, collections and in-kind support of the museum continues to grow as we tell our story to a broader audience.

10 innovations piloted: new approaches to the design, development and delivery of visitor experiences that engage and have impact.  Some will become part of our core offering, whereas others will be redesigned or set aside for another day.

131 individual staff: demonstrated their passion for our purpose with courage, commitment  and capability.

230 volunteers: committed their time, talent and treasures to help advance the mission and mandate of the museum, ensuring we continue to inspire understanding and respect for nature for a better Canada. Another wonderful year for the Canadian Museum of Nature!

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