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Advisory to the Neighbourhood—West Side Update

Friday, June 21, 2013

This update from the Canadian Museum of Nature describes some remediation work that will take place on the west side of the museum’s grounds over the next few weeks. The museum will also be holding a public information session this summer about overall plans for parking and greenspace.

First, as mentioned in an earlier advisory, the museum will be installing a new temporary photo exhibit, Arctic Experts, featuring the flora, fauna and features of the Arctic in time for Canada Day. Holes for the posts have been dug and installation should take place over about two days the last week of June.

Before July 1, there will be some remediation work on the site. This includes:

  • Installation of new grass turf to replace the current grass. The soil will be aerated with Roto-tiller before the fresh sod is laid down. This work should take about two days. A fence will be set up for a few days to restrict pedestrian access in order to allow the grass to set.
  • Grading of the parking area, to level the surface and to fill ruts and potholes.

After July 1, finishing aggregates (stone dust) will be laid down to mark and extend the ends of the circular pedestrian pathway that lead toward the museum.

This summer, the museum will also host a public information session to present its proposal for parking and greenspace on the west side for the next five years. The proposal responds to comments from the National Capital Commission about the use of the space. An exact date will be confirmed by early July.

General information can be found on the Museum's web site at nature.ca/west.


Margaret Beckel
President and CEO
Canadian Museum of Nature