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A museum educator and two children look at aquatic invertebrates.

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Staff and Governing Authorities

The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Museum of Nature represents Canadians across the country. The Board governs the museum and reports on its progress to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. The President and Chief Executive Officer, Vice-Presidents and Management Team, responsible for strategic operating branches, ensure the effective performance of the museum.

Board of Trustees


Judith LaRocque, C.V.O., Ontario


Nicholas Offord, Ontario


Ron Calderoni, Quebec
Douglas Feasby, Ontario
Susan Knott, British Columbia
Alice McCarron, Nova Scotia
Linda Nowlan, British Columbia
Judith Pereira, Ontario
Christian Robin, Manitoba

President and Chief Executive Officer

Meg Beckel

Vice-President, Corporate Services

Charles Bloom

Vice-President, Experience and Engagement

Ailsa Barry

Vice-President, Research and Collections

Mark Graham, Ph.D.

Chief Financial Officer

Ikram Zouari, C.P.A., C.G.A.

Management Team

Laura Evans, C.F.R.E., Director, Advancement
Jean-Marc Gagnon, Ph.D., Section Head, Zoology, Research and Collections
Robyn Gilchrist, Director, Human Resources Management Services
Lynn Gillespie, Ph.D., Section Head, Botany, Research and Collections
Angeline Laffin, Director, Visitor Experience
Martin Leclerc, Director, Facilities and Protection
Paula Piilonen, Ph.D., Section Head, Mineralogy, Research and Collections
John Swettenham, Director, Marketing
Stacy Wakeford, M.A., Director, Content, Experience and Engagement
Xiao-chun Wu, Ph.D., Section Head, Palaeobiology, Research and Collections

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