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Sila: Clue in to Climate Change

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Target audience: grades 7 to 12; secondary
Subject: issues surrounding climate change in the Canadian Arctic, from the perspectives of science and traditional knowledge
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  • In following the adventures of two teenagers, Morgan and Ryan, visitors will learn about the effects of climate change in the Arctic. The site presents, in an accessible format, results of scientific research and observations made by Inuit over several years.
  • Four elements are highlighted: earth, air, fire, water.
  • Preventive measures are proposed.
  • A section for educators, a quiz and a glossary are included.


Climate change, greenhouse effect, sea ice and ice floes, Arctic flora and fauna, Inuit traditional knowledge, preventive measures, Northwest Passage.

Educational Activities
(with curriculum links)

Lesson Plans

Digging for Diatoms
Canada-wide: grades 7 to 9
Quebec: secondary cycles 1 and 2
A presentation about diatoms and climates of the past.
Description and curriculum links.

Increase Your Albedo
Canada-wide: grades 7 to 12
Quebec: secondary cycles 1 and 2
A presentation and activity about sea ice and albedo.
Description and curriculum links.

Scenarios for the Future
Canada-wide: grades 10 to 12
Quebec: secondary cycle 2
Presentation and discussion about the climate of the future.

Don't Overlook...!

Launch Date

November 2004


The Canadian Museum of Nature and the Centre for Traditional Knowledge.

The Canadian Museum of Nature and The Centre for Traditional Knowledge are proud to present Sila: Clue in to Climate Change, and are grateful that the project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada, through the Climate Change Action Fund and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the RBC Foundation and Canada Post.

Logo of the Government of Canada (for the Climate Change Action Fund).